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In memory of Leo Kehrer-Schneider there will be a special concert featuring:
Lehto & Wright “exceptional guitarist”

Sunday, October 30th,
at 2 pm

FREE and open to the public with priority seating for friends and family, but plenty of seating for the general public.  Come join us for a very special afternoon of exceptional talent and entertainment.

NL-S High School presents:

By Margaret Witt
Directed By april Kummrow

Wild Pink

performances will be:

Dec. 1st-3rd, 7pm each night

Admission: $5 per ticket

Three smart farm boys have college dreams but no money to get them there. Their father thinks a rich aunt will help, but there's a catch; due to an old family dispute, their aunt thinks she has nieces... not nephews.  What to do? Don wigs, dresses, heels and even Wild Pink fingernail polish for a weekend visit with their estranged aunt. Their desperate mission: to convince her she has three beautiful nieces worthy of her millions.

"The Family Trade"

The perfect conclusion to the 2nd annual A Charles Dickens Christmas!

Sat. November 19th
at 7:00pm

FREE Admission

The Family Trade is a Twin Cities based folk orchestra led by poet-songwriter, Brian Laidlaw and vocalist-instrumentalist, Ashley Hanson. Together their harmony-heavy, word-rich take on Americana conjures memories of The Band and Neil Young. Laidlaw's poetic lyrics combine with smooth harmonies to create folksy jams that you can sing along to after one listen. Their enthusiastic live show combines the best elements of a campfire singalong with a stadium rock show and the performers’ joy and camaraderie spill into the crowd from the very first note.

“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.”

AUDITIONS for Opal’s Million Dollar Duck will be
Sunday, December 4th at 4 pm and Monday, December 5th at 7pm
Rehearsals will not begin until after the New Year!

Cast of Characters - Opal's Million Dollar Duck by John Patrick

Opal - (40's and up) Owner  of "OPAL'S ANTIQUE JUNQUE SHOP". Opal is a collector of anything and everything. She thinks they are all treasures. Opal is a little rough around the edges but has a heart of gold.

Rosie - (40's and up) Opal's best friend. She likes to read her tarot cards and firmly believes she can predict the future. Has a bit of an attitude.

Desmond - (30's to 50's) A middle aged actor who is very theatrical and dresses the same. Carries himself regally with a walking stick/cane.

Queenie - (30's to 50's) Desmond's actress wife. She dresses equally flamboyant with lots of fake jewelry.

"Produced with special permission from
Dramatists Play Service, Inc."

"Opal's Million Dollar Duck"
A comedy by John Patrick

February 9-11th, 16-18th
at 7:00pm

Adults - $15.00
Children 12 & Under - $8.00

Searching for costumes for their next production, Desmond and Queenie, the "stars" of the local summer-stock company, drop by "Opal's Antique Junque Shop." While rooting through Opal's treasures they spot a nondescript oil painting, a still life of a dead mallard duck and an apple and recalling an item in the morning newspaper about an old master who has disappeared from the local art museum, suddenly realize that this may be the missing canvas, for which the insurance company is offering a sizable reward. Summoning up all their acting skills, they try to charm Opal into selling the painting for a pittance, but she explains that she plans to give it to her friend, Rosie, as a birthday present, whereupon the plot thickens hilariously. Desmond and Queenie resort to everything from outrageous flattery to knock-out drops trying to get their hands on the picture. Rosie, however, rejects it on the grounds that it reminds her of her pet duck (which was run over by a truck); and the plotters, much to their glee, march off triumphantly with their prize, unaware that a later edition of the paper carries a new item: The old master has been found, and the canvas that disappeared was a worthless copy that the museum had thrown out with the garbage!




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